Crown Consulting

About Us

Crown CS Limited (Crown) is an independent diversified services company offering products and services across all sectors of the built environment. Our Head Office is located close to London, England. Crown helps clients construct, maintain and sustain the built environment by offering professional project/construction management services and highly innovative products and technologies. Our range of professional services include:

  • Project delivery strategy advice
  • Project Management
  • Project Controls
  • Procurement/Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scientific Consulting
Crown are partners with and authorised distributors of PURETi and other innovative products in the UK. We offer our services and products globally. We offer scientific, practical advice and training related to the application of PURETi to all types of surfaces, both internal and external. We offer a full service from initially cleaning surfaces and professionally applying and installing PURETi products. This is followed by enabling monitoring, auditing and reporting using our Crown Standard application to ensure a sustainable clean, safe and healthy environment.